It is Ex-Engineering of automobile sports muffler manufacturing company. Name naming from Ex (Exhaust) and Engineering (Engineer) · We will manufacture and sell high quality sports muffler with know-how and technology cultivated over many years. We set up a manufacturing base in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, and we use high-tech equipment to manufacture sports mufflers and export high-quality sports mufflers to all over the world as well as to Japan

社名/ Company Name
合同会社 Ex-Engineering / Ex-Engineering LLC
代表者/ Representative
藤壷光彦 / Mitsuhiko Fujitsubo
所在地/ Location
TEL. 045-507-4898
FAX. 045-507-6917
設立/ Establishment
従業員数/ Number of Employees
事業内容/ Business Contents
自動車部品製造、販売/ Manufacture and sale of automobile parts
自動車部品輸出/ Export of automobile parts
中古車販売/ Used car sales
取引銀行/Our Bank Information
三井住友銀行 横浜駅前支店/芝信用金庫 鴨居支店


2017年2月/Year 2017 Feb
横浜市に自動車用マフラー製造メーカーとしてEx-Engineeringを設立               Established Ex-Engineering as a manufacturer of automobile mufflers in Yokohama City
2017年7月/Year 2017 July
横浜市都筑区池辺町に製造拠点(メインファクトリー)を設置                         Establishment of manufacturing base (main factory) in Ikebe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama



Ex-Engineering established a factory that manufactures mufflers in Taizhou, China to expand its business. We are setting up the production and development system by installing the equipment for stocking the muffler on a vast area of the site area, inventory and vehicle lift for use in development.

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